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ON  SALE  Thru  2016,  6' 0"  Casting  (106 C)  and  Spinning  (101 S)  Rod
$64.95 each,    Shipping / Handling  Included  In  Most  Cases
regular price with shipping / handling ------- $79.95

Spinning  Rod  Antenna

Casting  Rod  Antenna

Fly  Rod  Antenna

Car  or  Truck  Fishing  Rod  Antennas,  $29.95  with  Shipping  &  Handling  Included

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Our objective is to provide fellow anglers with a graphite fishing rod that offers a higher standard of quality, performance and convenience at a reasonable price. The quality and performance of our rods have been tested by the NAFC, professionals and amateurs across the nation. Rave reviews from these anglers would indicate that the quality and performance of  HOOKHIDER  GRAPHITE  FISHING  RODS  are second to none. The convenience of the revolutionary new grip design is something every fisherman will want to experience for themselves.

A slotted, tubular section at the butt of the rod allows for easy storage of the hooks on the lure in use. Even those troublesome trebles on most crank baits and surface plugs store conveniently into the grip. Simply slide the hooks into the grip, reel the slack from the line and the tension on the line holds the lure in place with the hooks hidden in the grip of the rod. This convenient feature in no way affects the sensitivity, durability, balance or performance of the rod. In fact, if you were not made aware of the feature, you may not realize there is anything different about the rod. This feature adds a standard of convenience to our quality, high-performance IM6 and IM8 graphite fishing rods.

Quality fishing time can be spent hassling with hooks snagged in the boat's carpet or tangled with other rods. Time that could have been spent bass fishing on your favorite lake. Have you ever watched a school of fish feeding on the surface, come up and go back down, while you were getting the treble hooks on your top-water plug out of the carpet or the net? With a HOOKHIDER rod, you could have been catching fish!

As professional angler, Doug Yule, put it when HOOKHIDER was conceived, "Fishing just got easier!"

To sum it up with a simple formula: Fishing time - Hook hassles = More fishing time = More fish= More fun fishin’!

We hope you will give HOOKHIDER rods and the experience of hassle-free fishing a try. We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our product that we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality, convenience and performance of our rods, simply ship the rod back to us, with proof of purchase, for a full refund of the purchase price.

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